Tuesday, 29 September 2015

LISTEN: Fyoxo- Husky Husky

Now and again here on TMSB, we find a little hidden gem. Something we stumble upon that plays randomly on Soundcloud or Youtube from a playlist, and it makes us take notice. The other day, this was Fyoxo.

We know absolutely nothing about this producer, but we don't really need too. Sounding like a beautiful, sun-drenched dream that Rustie and Flume once shared. The track floats and winds across a tight drum pattern, with echoed-out space vocals lending even more dream-like vibes to an ethereal, beautiful beat.

With only 3 tracks to his name, we have no idea where this came has come from (other than Melbourne), or what his next move is. All we really know is that we want more. Lots more.

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