Thursday, 8 October 2015


Ok, so what I'm about to show isn't exactly new. In fact. It's over 30 years old. So why am I banging on about it? Because the other day, I started taking DEVO seriously, and now I just can't stop...

This song's been constantly spinning round in my head the past week. That 3-note riff. That driving bassline. Mark Mothersbaugh's insistent, nerd-rage vocals. I'd heard tracks like 'Whip It' before, and I'd originally tried to get into them with their first, Brian Eno-Produced album, but to no avail.

And on an off-chance, a recommendation, I heard this. Since then I'm now bordering on obsessive, collecting and consuming everything I can. And it's all great. If you haven't taken DEVO seriously up until this point, it's time to get on board. Now excuse me whilst I go find an Energy Dome.

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