Wednesday, 23 September 2015

REVIEW: Zvilnik- Gullible Travels EP

With an output so efficient it puts most full-time bands to shame, Zvilnik are once again back with this, the three-track 'Gullible Travels' EP. Sounding somewhere between indie and vaudeville, no-one does it quite like Zvilnik.

The EP is great. With an ominous feeling throughout, the palpable, joyful tension gives it a unique sound. I think perhaps it could have done with an extra track or two to help make it a substantial piece of work. But when a reviewer is complaining that there's not enough of what he's listening to, surely that only bodes well.

'Burn it like Bunsen' is the standout track of the EP. Like Long Blondes doing Arctic Monkeys, after stealing We Are Scientists' homework. Spritely guitar mixing in with dread keyboards, giving an oddly satisfying mix or irresistible danger. Post-Apocalyptic cabaret for those lucky enough to have survived the end of days.

Zvilnik are a rare commodity these days. Too jovial for the poe-faced indie elite. Too 'musical' for the novelty crowd. They don't quite fit in. And they never should. By being different, Zvilnik revel in the weird, the unique and the sublime. Go download the EP now for free at their Band Camp.

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